We Need to Talk About Alexie Adams

PRODUCER NOTE: This episode was produced with the consent and participation of members of Alexie Adams’ family.

February 3, 2018. It was a frigid morning, barely above zero in Orono, Maine. A woman pushing a stroller noticed something strange in the snow behind the Timberview Drive Apartments. She couldn’t quite make out what she was seeing.

Unable to get any closer because of her son in the stroller, the mother flagged down two individuals walking nearby and asked them to go take a look. As the two people got closer, they learned the horrible truth. There in the snow was the body of a girl. Her skin was like ice.

As medical personnel and law enforcement arrived, the mother recounted her story to the first responding officer. She said with an out of breath voice, “There was nothing we could do. The poor girl.”

Within minutes of responding to the scene, the Orono Police Department developed a theory. A young woman in a college town was found dead in the snow. She must’ve had too much to drink, fell down, and didn’t get back up in the sub-zero temperatures. Her death was an accident. A terrible, tragic accident.

But the family of Alexie Adams and the private investigator they’ve hired aren’t convinced they have the entire truth about what happened to Alexie that night.

We’ll dig into the investigation of Alexie Adams’ death — the investigative documents, the evidence, the witness statements, the action and inaction of law enforcement, and the possible missteps leading to an outcome that has left the family with more questions than answers.

We need to talk about Alexie Adams. Press play to hear Alexie’s story.


Where does the story of Alexie Adams go from here?

Troy Richardson of Bangor Private Investigations asks that anyone with further information about the night of February 2, 2018 and the early morning hours of February 3, 2018 please contact him at bangorprivateinvestigations@gmail.com

Alexie’s story is not over, not until the family feels they know what really happened to their daughter and sister.