The Jack and Jackie Bevins Case, Part 1

It was the morning of April 3, 1990 and Jacqueline Bevins was all smiles, handing out doughnuts and chatting with the construction crew as they arrived on site for the day. Renovations were underway at the property she and her husband had recently purchased; it was a new entrepreneurial endeavor for the always enterprising Jack and Jackie Bevins.

The quaint oceanside village of Ogunquit, Maine knew Jackie Bevins best for her famous restaurant on Perkins Cove. She served on boards and with the Chamber of Commerce, and was appreciated for her generous nature — a real figure in the York County community. Jack Bevins, too, was well-known about town, though he wasn’t around as much, always traveling for work and other activities. Together they made quite the pair, but it was anything but a happy marriage between Jack and Jackie.

Just hours after the final breakfast pastry was handed out at the construction site, an anonymous phone call came in to the York Police Station. Something bad had happened at the Bevins house. 

This case will challenge you. It will raise questions in your mind about consequence and justice, and what happens when an individual decides, or maybe, is forced to take those things into their own hands. 

This is the Jack and Jackie Bevins Case, Part 1. Press play for the full story and subscribe so you don’t miss Part 2.

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