The Sunday River Spree Killer

This is the story of a true monster who stole the lives of four innocent humans when he committed one of the most grisly multiple murders in Maine’s history, and it all happened just minutes from a well-known and beloved winter destination in New England.

A Fresh Start

Julie and Selby Bullard were in search of their own fresh start. The mother and daughter pair set off for the east coast from San Francisco, California, to the ski resort town of Newry, Maine in early 2004, with two kids and a few pets in tow. 

The Black Bear Bed and Breakfast became Julie’s new passion and focus. It was a six bedroom room farmhouse, converted to suit the needs of modern guests while maintaining the classic New England charm with its white clapboard siding, maroon shutters, and red metal roof. The website read, “The Black Bear B&B welcomes guests who wish to experience the comfort and personal attention of a small, friendly inn.”

But business wasn’t easy. By New Years in 2006, the vision of a thriving mountain bed and breakfast was fading. Vacationland might be the moniker stamped on the Maine State license, but the hospitality industry is tough here, as Julie encountered.

For Sale

Finances were tight, and by February of 2006, Julie decided to sell the Inn. A For Sale sign was pounded into the earth at the end of the gravel driveway and the Black Bear website had a new banner in place reading, “Currently closed due to change of ownership.” It’s unclear if Julie already had a buyer at the time, but Julie was ready to move on from the B&B industry and move in with her other daughter and her children at their new home in Brooklyn, New York.

Though the Bed and Breakfast was in transition, Julie still had bills to pay. She continued to extend her hospitality and welcome to longer term boarders at the 6-bedroom inn while the business was on the market, just to make ends meet. 

Press Play

One of those long term boarders at the Black Bear Bed & Breakfast would change everything, and turn the otherwise peaceful mountainside destination into a nightmare. Press play on the episode above or find this episode wherever you listen to podcasts.

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