What Really Happened to Denise Scott Ramsey?

“The closer that we get, the more my stomach is just like, I can’t even speak because if I open my mouth, I feel like I’m gonna vomit,” Danielle continued, “My gut will scream at me when something’s wrong and my gut was bellowing from the void. Something is wrong, something’s wrong, something’s wrong.”

On Mother’s Day weekend in 2021, skeletal remains were discovered in a shed on private property belonging to a man who had passed away months earlier. Though it would take months for the identity of the body to be confirmed, Danielle McNaughton knew in the pit of her stomach that it was her mother, Denise Scott Ramsey. 

The circumstances of Denise’s death are suspicious, but will Danielle ever have answers about what happened to her mom? The story took over the headlines that spring, but since then, little has been discussed and little is known about this case. That’s why Danielle is on Dark Downeast.

She shares her mother’s story under one condition – that you listen without judgment and with an abundance of compassion. It’s something her mother never received in her lifetime.

Press play to hear the full story of Denise Scott Ramsey and where her case stands today.