The Tales of Maine’s Haunted Lighthouses

Lighthouses. Beautiful beacons shining in the night, signaling to ships for safe passage into port, warning of treacherous rock and structure looming in the dark waters below. Their history is an important one – lighthouses have long been part of maritime navigation and though automation has all but made the profession extinct, the tales of keepers from centuries past give us a glimpse into the often lonely yet meaningful existence on saltwater soaked ledges. 

But as beautiful as they are, lighthouses have a dark side, too. The legend and lore surrounding the light stations of New England date back hundreds of years. Hauntings. Ghost sightings. Paranormal experiences. When you stand in the presence of a lighthouse, whether you believe in the supernatural or not, it’s hard not to feel like you’re in the presence of something or someone

“I always say that whether you believe these stories or not, the spirits of the keepers of the past are with us,” Jeremy continued, “They are there one way or another. Whether you believe they’re actually literally there or figuratively there, their spirits are interacting with us every day so it is very much a presence you feel at these places.”

I’m Kylie Low and together with lighthouse historian Jeremy D’Entremont, we’re exploring the legend and lore surrounding Maine’s lighthouses on Dark Downeast. Press play for the full episode.

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