A Killer Connection: The Janet Brochu Cold Case

It was Christmas Eve Eve, December 23, 1987 and 20-year old Janet Brochu was out on the town of Waterville with some friends. The night started at the area bowling alley, drinking and bowling. It’s there she reportedly met two men in the neighboring lane. They must’ve hit it off, because after they bowled their final frames, Janet’s group and the two men made plans to meet up nearby at T. Woody’s Restaurant and Bar in the Waterville Concourse. T. Woody’s was located at 80 Concourse West at the time. Now, it’s Pagoda Express.

When Janet got inside, she was refused service at the bar. Maine’s drinking age was raised from 20 to 21 just two years earlier, so 20-year old Janet was asked to leave. That’s when one of the men she met earlier in the night offered to give her a ride home. According to reports, the two walked out together, but Janet forgot her purse so he walked back in an unknown amount of time later to get it for her. He told Janet’s friends he was going to get her home.

In the parking lot, though, Janet was starting to feel a little too tipsy. So when the bowling alley guy found her outside, she was either throwing up or about to, and he did not want that all over his car. He refused to give her a ride. And that’s kind of where the reporting on Janet Brochu’s Christmas Eve Eve activities stops.

The next day, Christmas Eve 1987, Janet’s parents Geraldine and Albert reported her missing.

Hit play on this episode to continue with Janet’s story, and why I think this case is so solvable. When you hear the details of Janet Brochu’s case, and how it intertwines with the murder of another young Maine woman around the same time and place you’ll be demanding to know HOW it’s possible Janet Brochu’s case is still without answers.