The Unsolved Murder of Julie Campbell

The case of Julie Campbell is an open and active investigation in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. As of this episode’s original air date, no one has been charged or convicted of any crimes related to the murder of Julie Campbell.

“The enduring question that we’ll never have an answer to is why? I think, the eternal question that every person who is in my been in my situation wants the answer to, and what I’ve come to realize is that there is no answer for that because there is never a reason to take someone else’s life.”

43 years have passed since that dark, cold New England night when someone stole the life of Julie Campbell. 43 years have passed without knowing who is responsible for her murder. Here to tell Julie’s story is her younger sister, Lori Manning.

Why end the life of this beloved woman? How did the attacker take Julie by surprise, a woman with a Black Belt in Karate and mace always in her pocket? Who killed Julie? Is it possible that Julie Campbell’s murderer has ties to other cases in Massachusetts, Maine, and beyond?

This is the Unsolved Murder of Julie Campbell.

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