Decision to Survive: The Kayleigh Ballantyne Story

It was the summer before her senior year at Bryant University and 21-year old Mainer Kayleigh Ballantyne was getting a taste of city life and living on her own terms. She was working at night, had an internship during the day, and living with her best friends in Boston before her demanding Division I field hockey schedule started back up for her final season.

On the night of July 23, 2013, her routine walk home from the T to her apartment in Southie would change the course of her life.

A survivor of a random act of violence, Kayleigh is sharing her journey through recovery, how she’s using her trauma for advocacy, and why her story is forever connected to the story of another woman, Amy Lord, who lost her life by the hands of the same attacker.

This is a story of survival, recovery, and advocacy. This is Kayleigh Ballantyne’s story, told by Kayleigh Ballantyne.

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