New Hampshire Cold Cases: Connection or Coincidence?

It was early in the evening on July 4, 1969. The town of Hooksett, New Hampshire was amping up for patriotic celebrations, and Luella Maria Blakeslee was getting ready for a date. 

Luella had been in an on-again, off-again relationship with her boyfriend of three years. That’s who she told her father she was going to see on that pleasantly warm Fourth of July evening. George Blakeslee wished his daughter well on her way out the door, and she waved goodbye. Luella Blakeslee would never return. 

But she wasn’t the only missing person in the small towns just outside of Manchester, New Hampshire in 1969. Just a few miles down the street from the Blakeslee home, a family was going on six months of searching for their 11-year old daughter. What happened to Luella Blakeslee and Debra Lee Horn? Could their cases share one critical connection to the murder of Susan Randall two years later?

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