Murder on Cape Cod: Patricia Walsh and Mary Anne Wysocki

Robert Turbidy kept his eyes trained on the side of the remote middle-of-nowhere town road, hoping another payphone would crop up sooner rather than later. It had only been an hour since he last dialed her number, but Bob was eager to check in on his girlfriend back in Providence, Rhode Island. 

Another stop, another handful of tarnished coins dropping into the till, another call gone unanswered. He looked down at the fresh ink on his shoulder, her name forever imprinted on his skin. Where was Pat?

It was supposed to be a fun and relaxing girl’s weekend in Provincetown on Cape Cod for Patricia Walsh and Mary Anne Wysocki. They couldn’t have known that helping a friendly stranger in their boarding house would put them into the orbit of a killer.

These are the stories of Pat Walsh, Mary Anne Wysocki, Sydney Monzon, and Susan Perry.

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