The Unsolved Murder of Robert Joyal, Part 1

Marc Joyal-Myers was 11-years old when he lost his big brother, 18-year old Robert Joyal.

More than two decades have passed since that night in April 1998 when someone ended Rob’s life in a Portland, Maine parking lot. Now, Marc is a voice for the brother he lost who can no longer speak for himself. Marc is also a voice for the hundreds of other victims and families whose lives are upended by violent crime.

Through Marc’s memories and stories, we get to know the brother Marc loves, and the weight of the loss his family still navigates 23 years later.

Anyone with information is asked to please contact the Portland Maine Police Detective Jeff Tulley at (207) 874-8550 or the anonymous tip line at (207) 874-8584.


1. Download and share Robert Joyal’s information poster and share on social media.

2. Like and follow the Robert Joyal: Unsolved Murder in Maine Facebook Page.

3. Sign the petition for Marsy’s Law in Maine.

4. Listen to Robert Joyal’s story on Dark Downeast.

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Thank you, Marc, for sharing your memories with us.