Was It Murder on Monhegan Island?

Ten miles off the mainland and just a square mile in area, outlined by the highest ocean cliffs on the Maine coastline and crashing white waves of the Atlantic, you’ll find the quaint little village of Monhegan Island. 

Monhegan feels indescribable at times — a beauty you just have to see to fully grasp. It’s no wonder that the island has become a haven for painters; perhaps the beauty is better described with colors on canvas than words alone. 

And so artists bring their easels and paint brushes, tourists bring their cameras, adventurers lace up their hiking boots to explore the untouched forest paths leading to unobstructed ocean sightlines atop towering seaside cliffs. The cliffs that leave your legs tingling should you stand too close to the sharp edge.

It’s among those cliffs this story unfolds. Was it a truly tragic accident? Was it a choice? Or could it have possibly been murder? This is the story of Sally Maynard Moran.

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