What Really Happened to Shawn O’Brien?

Was it a seizure or did somebody murder Shawn O’Brien? His daughter, Natalia St. Louis, just wants to know the truth, but the details of that July afternoon in 2006 don’t make any sense. It was labeled a medical call, an apparent seizure, but the autopsy report and blood evidence at the scene point to something much more violent than that. Over 15 years later, Shawn O’Brien’s case is still labeled a suspicious death. 

She’s been told to keep quiet, but if she’s not asking questions, chasing down leads, and talking about father’s case, who will?

This is the case of Shawn O’Brien, told by his daughter Natalia St. Louis, on Dark Downeast. Press play for the full story and listen wherever you get your podcasts.

NOTE: At the time of this episode’s original release day in January 2022, no one has been arrested or charged with any crimes as it relates to the suspicious death of Shawn O’Brien. Names mentioned in this episode are in the public record, though no individuals have been publicly named persons of interest or suspects in this case. 

If you have any information regarding the death of Shawn O’Brien in July of 2006, please contact Cranston Police Detective Rob Santagata at (401) 942-2211 or text the tip line at (401) 284-9555. For more information and updates in Shawn’s case, visit justiceforshawnobrien.com.

Episode Source Material

Source material for this episode includes an interview with Natalia St. Louis, daughter of Shawn O’Brien, as well as police reports, investigative records, and other original materials that contain sensitive and personal information. For this reason, Dark Downeast will not post the original files. If you have questions about this source material, please email hello@darkdowneast.com.