Geraldine Ann Finn & Justice for Janet Brochu

She should’ve been home by now. Sarah Finn’s daughter, Geraldine Ann Finn, was 23-years old — an adult woman with her own life, but she always came back when she said she would. Geraldine always called her mother, sometimes twice a night, even if she was working or going out. But it was getting later and later and Geraldine hadn’t called and she still wasn’t home.

You’ve heard pieces of Geraldine Ann Finn’s story on Dark Downeast before. Her case seemed undoubtedly linked to an over 3-decades old cold case that I covered on the show in January of this year. Well, it was a cold case, and it turns out, my hunch about the connection was right. 

In May 2021, Maine State Police announced they’d made an arrest in the 1987 murder of Janet Brochu, and the man they charged with her killing was already serving time for the murder of Geraldine Ann Finn. Two women from central Maine, both in their 20s, both lives stolen, with all signs pointing back to the very same suspect. 

It’s time to tell Geraldine Ann Finn’s whole story. Plus, in a special interview with Lt. Jeffery Love, commanding officer of the Maine State Police Major Crimes Unit, you’ll hear an update on the case of Janet Brochu, and I ask why it took 34 years to arrest Gerald Goodale for her murder.