The Case of Jason Bass and Fugitive Adam Emery

The lip reader pressed play on the tape again, eyes trained on the couple engaged in a hushed courtroom conversation. The woman leaned in towards her husband as they spoke, as close as she could get considering the barrier between them. The man was sitting at the defendant’s table and he, along with the rest of the courtroom, had just heard the jury’s verdict – Adam Emery: Guilty. 

Though difficult to discern except with a trained eye, the conversation between Adam and his wife Elena Emery was of great importance for Rhode Island State Police. Because hours after the whispered exchange, Mr. and Mrs. Emery were nowhere to be found.

To this day, state police, the FBI, and even international law enforcement continue searching for Adam Emery. Meanwhile, the family of Jason Bass, whose life was ended by Adam’s hands, searches for their own ending, one that brings the long-awaited closure they deserve.

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This episode was co-written by Dena Norman.

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