Sean Conway: 31 Years Unsolved

“And I understand that police departments have lots going on and there are other people that have people that have been murdered in the meantime, and that deal with families,” Nim said. “And I understand that, but then there’s still us. There’s still us. There’s still Sean. You know what I mean? So what happens for Sean?”

31 years. That’s how long Nim and her family have waited to learn what happened to their brother and son on January 16, 1991. Sean Conway’s long-standing case is still considered an open and active homicide investigation, though it’s been years since any new developments have come to light. 

Nim is on Dark Downeast to share her brother’s story in hopes that it will reach the person or persons who know exactly what happened at that motorcycle supply shop in Cornish, Maine one January afternoon. 

“My hope and our family’s hope is that someone will hear this and it’ll spark a memory,” she told me. “There’s somebody alive. I know there’s more than one person alive that was involved with this. And I hope that they hear this.”

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If you have any information relating to the murder of Sean Conway, contact the Maine State Police Major Crimes unit at 1-800-228-0857 or leave a tip via this online form.

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