The Disappearance of Kim Moreau, Part 1

If you’ve driven through the western counties of Maine anytime over the last 35 years, you’ve likely seen Kimberly Moreau’s face. Each year, her father hangs posters with the photo of his smiling daughter on telephone poles, hoping someday, someone will dial his number with the answers he’s been seeking since the day his 17-year old daughter went missing in 1986.

35 years have passed since that night in May 1986, when she stepped out the door of her home and into a waiting car to continue her night with friends. Friends, who would later deny knowing Kim anymore than an acquaintance. Friends whose stories have changed and shifted over the last three and a half decades. Friends who were the last people to see Kim alive.

In this two-part series on Dark Downeast, you’ll hear about an investigation plagued by admitted inexperience and oversight, how her family’s pleas were disregarded, and the decades of rumors and tips. You’ll meet her father, Richard Moreau, her two sisters Diane and Karen, and friends of the Moreau family who have become the critical support and boots on the ground, always searching for Kim.

Press play on the episode to hear part one of Kim Moreau’s story, and get to know Kim through the words of her father and sisters. Find it on every major podcast platform.

Episode Source Material

  • Personal interviews with Dick Moreau, Karen Dalot, Diane Levesque, Jared Pinkham, and an anonymous source
  • Richard Moreau’s personal notes
  • Clues are thin on Jay teen’s disappearance by Don Waterhouse, Morning Sentinel, 23 July 1986, scan provided by Moreau family