The Disappearance of Kim Moreau, Part 2

“I just want Kim home,” Richard Moreau began. “I don’t want to see anybody else hurt through this. I don’t want anybody to have to go to prison or anything like that. And with the statute of limitations, that’s all behind us. So why not get this over with? Give us the explanation as to where Kim is so that we can go and find her and bring it home.”

Richard Moreau, along with his daughters Diane and Karen, have not stopped searching for Kim since the night she walked out the front door on May 10, 1986. For months, she was cast off as a runaway as crucial time ticked by. The Moreau family had no choice but to start searching for answers themselves.

The details of the night Kim Moreau disappeared have all been pieced together through the family’s own investigation, leads they’ve independently checked, interviews they’ve conducted themselves, combined with information uncovered by detectives and other local and state law enforcement.

Still 35 years later, no one has been charged with any crime as it relates to the disappearance of Kimberly Moreau, but the names you’ll hear have long been publicly associated with the case. 

What remains now to complete the intricate jigsaw puzzle and see the full picture of what happened to Kim that night, and where she is now, are key pieces withheld for decades.

Press play on this episode to hear the details of the night of May 10, 1986 and where her family, the support team around them, and State Police are searching for Kim Moreau now.