Sylvia Baker (3 of Spades, Connecticut) from The Deck

Hey Dark Downeasters, this is an off week for Dark Downeast, but I didn’t want to leave the feed empty when there are so many cases that need attention, and I wanted to make sure you had something to listen to, too.

I reached out to the team at audiochuck – the network behind #1 true crime podcasts like Crime Junkie, CounterClock, Anatomy of Murder, The Deck, and more. These are the advocacy driven true crime shows I tune into each week.

Instead of a new episode of Dark Downeast, I’m sharing an episode of audiochuck’s The Deck. If you like Dark Downeast, then I’m confident you’ll appreciate the style of reporting and storytelling from The Deck.

If you have information regarding this case, please contact the Connecticut Cold Case Unit at 1-866-623-8058.

Hosted by Ashley Flowers, The Deck covers unsolved cases across the country that have been featured on cold case playing cards – decks of cards with still unsolved homicide and missing persons cases printed on each one. These decks are distributed to prisons, hoping someone will recognize a case and come forward with information.

P.S. I had the opportunity to guest host an episode of The Deck this year. That episode covering the case of Desiree Michaud is right here.

The Deck recently covered a New England cold case out of Connecticut, one that’s still unsolved after over 40 years. 28-year old Sylvia Baker went downstairs on July 17th, 1982 to take out the trash but never returned to her apartment, where her two young kids were watching TV. When she was found the next day, nude and bound with pieces of her own clothing, her family remained in a state of shock as police worked to track down her killers. Over 40 years later, no one’s been held accountable for Sylvia’s murder, but a DNA match and other clues have investigators closer than ever to the truth.

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